Tower Lakes MHC Content

Here lives some of the Happenings+ content which was originally provided on the Happenings+ website.

The information here will be maintained as long as I feel motivated to work on it and only if there is any interest in it; if not… SAYONARA!

Due to the possibility that some of the documents may contain sensitive information, you must be registered to access them.

Happenings Newsletter Archives

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Resident Provided Services

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Tower Lakes M.H.C. Rules and Regulations

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In order to create an environment that is conducive to the relaxed atmosphere that has become known as the “Floridian Lifestyle”, certain rules and regulations must be maintained and followed to ensure that everyone can exist in peace and harmony.

Order in the Park!

With respect to the condo-nazis on that side of the lake, I will maintain the same level of “security” that they provide on their Faceplant page. In order to access some of the more sensitve information, you’ll need to become a member of this section of the website. Don’t worry though, membership is completely free, and unlike ALL of the social media out there, this web site is PRIVATELY OWNED and OPERATED, by ME, using the very latest in security.