Tower Lakes Rules & Regulations


Please note:  The rules & regulations below are a work in progress and must be completed.  They are derived from an old (30-APR-2020) photo-copied document provided to me by Park Management. Misspellings, grammatical errors, and general organizational layout issues are plentiful in this document. They are being updated as quickly and as accurately as I can.

Therefore, the following rules ARE NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS BEING 100% CORRECT.  Please use this document as a general guide to the Official Rules in the manager’s Office. As of 07-JAN-2023, they are available by going to the top menu and selecting Library | Park Rules.

Perhaps, in the future, I can offer Management a newly corrected version for their perusal and possible approval as an “official” document.

Rules & Regulations

Management of this Community offers Equal Housing Opportunities. We do business in accordance with Federal Fair Housing Laws and will not illegally discriminate against any person because of race, color, age, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin in the sale or rental of housing or residential lots; advertising the sale or rental of housing; financing of housing; or in providing real estate brokerage services.

All reasonable means have been taken to ensure that your residency is pleasant and enjoyable. Many of the Rules and Regulations are based on the requirements of Florida law, and the remainder are to assist in the peaceful enjoyment of all Residents.

These Rules and Regulations are intended to maintain the appearance and comfort of the Community for you and your visitors. A copy of the Rules and Regulations will be posted in the clubhouse and must be observed by all Residents, guests, and family members of invitees. Residents shall require all persons on the lot with their consent to govern themselves in accordance with the rules and in a manner that does not unreasonably disturb their neighbors or constitute a breach of peace.

  • 1. Residency
  • 2. An Adult (age 55 & over) Community
  • 3. Vehicles & Parking
  • 4. Lot Maintenance
  • 5. Pets
  • 6. Guests & Visitors
  • 1.1.  Application for Residency

    1.1.1.  An application for residency and a criminal history background check must be completed and approved, a Prospectus and a copy of the Rules and Regulations delivered, and a Rental Agreement signed, prior to:  residing in a manufactured home within the Community;  arrival of the resident’s manufactured home in the Community; or  before the prospective resident can occupy a home that is already located in the Community.

    1.2.  Denial of Residency

    1.2.1.  Community Management reserves the right to:  refuse residency to anyone who purchases or otherwise receives title to a manufactured home;  refuse to accept further lot rental amount payments and terminate the Rental Agreement of anyone who, after proper notice pursuant to section 723.061 of the Florida Statutes, fails to comply with these Rules and Regulations (see rule re: Eviction, for further information); and  refuse residency to any applicant that does not meet ualifications as set forth in these Rules and Regulations for occupancy in the Community.

     1.3.  Principle & Additional Resident(s)

    1.3.1.  The principal resident of each manufactured home in the Community must be its legal owner. Except as expressly provided by applicable State law, no one other than those executing the Rental Agreement shall be allowed to reside upon the lot set forth in the Rental Agreement without prior written consent from Community Management.

    1.3.2.  Each additional occupant of the home must be approved for residency by Community Management, and each person must sign the Rental Agreement prior to residing in the home. Any increase in the number or exchange or substitution of persons in a home must have Community Management’s prior written approval. Any such increase in the number of persons residing in the home will subject the home owner to the Additional Resident Fee.

    1.4.  Required Insurance

    1.4.1.  Residents are required to obtain, and maintain, liability insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and personal property insurance, if necessary, to protect themselves, their homes and the contents thereof, any other household members, and visitors or guests of any nature, against loss or damage of any kind arising from placement of the manufactured home within this Community, or from occupancy of such home while it is in the Community.

    1.4.2.  A copy of the declaration page from Tenant’s homeowners’ insurance policy shall begiven to Community Management each year.

    1.4.3.  The Community Owner does not maintain any insurance which would cover personal injuries or damages occurring on a tenant’s lot or within a tenant’s home, or for reimbursement to the tenant for the loss of the home or personal property.

    1.4.4.  The Community Owner reserves the right to waive the requirement for Tenants to have one or more types of insurance coverage specified above if such insurance is not reasonably available for purchase by Tenant.

    1.4.5.  Tenants in Violation of this rule shall not be grounds for eviction under Chapter 723, Florida Statutes, of any tenant in the Community as of the effective date of this rule. However, a tenant who purchases an existing home in the Community or otherwise establishes a new tenancy after the effective date of this rule shall be subject to eviction under Chapter 723, Florida Statutes, for failure to comply with this rule in its entirety.

    1.5.  Weaponry

    1.5.1.  The use or display of weapons in the Community by Resident(s), members of Resident’s family or guest or invitees including, but not limited to, firearms, paint ball guns, air rifles, bows and arrows, slingshots, or any other type of weapon, is prohibited.

  • 2.1.  Community Intention

    2.1.1.  This Community is intended and operated for occupancy by persons 55 years of age and older and, as such, adheres to the requirements of the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995. Consequently, at least 80 percent of the occupied units must be occupied by at least one person who is 55 years of age or older as of the date of occupancy.

    2.2.  Proof of Age

    2.2.1.  At the time of application for initial residency, or upon demand of Community Management, all prospective residents and all existing residents shall be required to produce for inspection and copying, one of the following age verification documents:driver’s license; birth certificate; passport; immigration card; military identification; other valid local, state, national or international documents containing a birth date of comparable reliability or a certification in a lease, rental agreement, application, affidavit or other document signed by any member of a household asserting the age of the persons residing therein.

    2.2.2.  The minimum age for all resident; is 40. Notwithstanding the above, Community Management reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to grant exceptipns to the minimum age requirements of this Rule, while still maintaining compliance with the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995.

    2.3.  New Resident(s) via Birth or Adoption

    2.3.1.  In the event that a Resident gives birth, adopts or otherwise obtains custody of a minor child while a Resident, the Resident agrees to move from the community within six (6) months from the date of birth, adoption or final judgement of a custody trial.

  • 3.1.  Speed Limit

    3.1.1.  The posted speed limit (currently 15 mph) and other traffic control signs must be strictly observed at all times. Please be aware of pedestrians and bicycles at all times within the Community. Please STOP at all intersections. Pedestrians, golf carts, and bicycles have the right-of-way.

    3.2.  Vehicles

    3.2.1.  Operators of all motorized vehicles within the Community must have a valid operator’s license.

    3.2.2.  All vehicles must have a current registration and be properly licensed.

    3.2.3.  Only personal vehicles* used for daily transportation will be allowed within the Community such as;

    · passenger cars · SUVs
    · vans · trucks (2-ton limit)

    in order to keep the streets in good repair.

    A personal vehicle shall mean a Resident’s non-commercial car, truck, SUV, station wagon, minivan, or passenger van which is used for personal transportation which is without advertising logos, signage, decals, and stickers. Service vehicles required by the Community are the only exception.

    3.3.  Motorcycles & Mopeds

    3.3.1.  Motorcycles and mopeds must be approved by Community Management in writing prior to operation/storage in community. Motorcycles and mopeds which are properly registered and operated by a Resident with a valid operator’s license, are permitted provided, that they are used only as transportation on Community streets via the shortest route in and out of the Community. Storage of motorcycles and mopeds must be in an approved storage shed or carport. No recreational or joyriding will be permitted within the Community by Residents or guests.

    3.3.2.  All permitted vehicles must have factory-type quiet mufflers. Management reserves the right to prohibit any motorcycle, moped and/or motor scooter from being stored, parked, and/or operated within the Community if, in Community Management’s sole discretion and opinion, said vehicle(s) are unreasonably loud and/or will disturb the health, safety, property, welfare, or quiet enjoyment of community residents. It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that their guests, visitors and/or invitees vehicles are in compliance with the rules of the Community.

    3.4.  Off-Road Type Vehicles

    3.4.1.  ATV’s, mini-bikes, dirt-bikes, go-carts, or any similar motorized vehicles are prohibited from being operated in the Community. Electric golf carts are allowed with management approval. No unlicensed off-road vehicles will be permitted within the Community.

    3.5.  Vehicle Maintenance / Repairs

    3.5.1.  Only resident’s personal vehicle may be washed in the community.

    3.5.2.  Only minor motor vehicle repairs (definition required) may be made on personal vehicles at resident’s space.

    3.5.3.  Major repairs (definition required) to vehicles will not be permitted on the lot, carport, street, or parking areas.

    3.5.4.  Motor vehicles not in operating condition or without a current license plate, are not allowed in the Community for more than 24 hours.

    3.5.5.  Painting of vehicles or other equipment in the Community is prohibited.

    3.5.6.  Repairs to boats, trailers, etc., is prohibited.

    3.5.7.  Vehicles in violation will be towed away, and vehicle owner will be responsible for any fees charged by the towing company.

    3.6.  Parking

    3.6.1.  No vehicle, without the prior written consent of the Community Owner, shall be parked in or on the Community common areas, other than those areas specifically designated for parking.

    3.6.2.  Streets & Fire Lanes
    Absolutely No parking is permitted on any of the streets within the Community. The streets MUST be kept clear to allow ample room for passage of emergency vehicles of all sizes.

    3.6.3.  Parking Spaces
    Parking more than 2 vehicles at a residenqe is not allowed unless adequate parking space is available. Residents shall not keep more than two (2) vehicles inthe Community. Residents and/or their guests will not be permitted to park on lawns or any other area of the Communi that is not specifically marked to provide for vehicle parking. A resident will be allowed to park in another resident’s dpveway or carport only when written permission has been received and filed with the Community Manager.

    3.6.4.  Vehicle Storage
    No boats, boat trailers, travel trailers, campers, motorhomes, recreational vehicles, or similar units are allowed to be parked or stored on lots. These units are not permitted in the Community unless stored in a designated area, on a first come, first serve basis, if and when such an area is available, and storage fees as applicable, are paid. Campers, motor homes, boats or delivery vehicles will be permitted reasonable time for loading and unloading, but never overnight. No person may remain overnight or to otherwise reside in the Community in any camper, motor home or similar vehicle.

    3.6.5.  Guest Parking
    It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that their guests are parked properly and in accordance with the rules.

    3.6.7.  Violation of Parking Rules
    Vehicles in violation of these Rules may be towed away without notice, or with such minimum notice as is required by applicable law, at the registered owner’s expense, payable to the towing service and not to the Community.

  • 4.1. External Appearance

    4.1.1. All homes will have brick skirting, attached utility shed, carport, concrete driveway, concrete patio, irrigation, fully sodded lawn, and concrete steps approved by the management. All additions or changes to the original home and its exterior aluminum and concrete package must have prior written approval from the Community Owner.

    4.1.2. Tenants with yard-installed street lamps/lanterns, are required to keep the lights operating (i.e. on) during evening hours (dusk-to-dawn), throughout the year.

    4.2. External Fixtures

    4.2.1. Antennas  No antennas or outdoor reception devices shall in any way be attached to, or protruding from, any manufactured home or manufactured home site, with the exception of small Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) dishes, which are less than one meter (~39 inches) in diameter, and broadcast TV antennas (over-the-air and multichannel multipoint antennas). All ther outdoor reception devices are prohibited.  Any equipment that interferes with neighboring reception is prohibited. Prior written pennission from Community Management must be obtained before installation of any kind of approved outdoor reception device (DBS satellite dish, or broadcast TV antenna) to ensure that the device is located in conformance with the aesthetic standards of the Community. To maintain an attractive community, satellite dishes or broadcast TV antennas must be installed in an inconspicuous location on the rear of the home or in a location that is not visible from the street. If such placement sufficiently impairs the quality of reception, the dish or antenna may be installed on the home or home site in the most inconspicuous location possible and must be attractively landscaped and shielded from view to the greatest extent feasible. However, due to concerns over possible damage to underground utilities, prior written approval from management is required for the placement of a satellite dish or broadcast TV antenna on the home site. Resident is prohibited from installing satellite dishes or broadcast TV antennas outside the Resident’s home site.

    4.2.2. Air Conditioners  No air conditioning unit shall be installed in the front window or front wall of any manufactured home, or in any wall facing a street. Central air conditioner compressors must be placed on a cement slab.

  • 5.1.  Registration

    5.1.1. Prior written approval from the Community Manager must be obtained as to any pet which is to reside in the Community, and such written approval must be obtained pribr to the time the pet is actually brought into the Community.

    5.1.2. No more than two (2) generally accepted domestic pets which have been approved and registered by Community Management are allowed per home lot. To be approved, the pet must be a true household pet (small to mid-size dogs, cats, and birds).

    5.1.3. No farm-classified animals are allowed.

    5.1.4. Residents may not keep offspring of approved pets unless the offspring is approved by Community Management, appropriately registered, and their addition would not result in Resident keeping more pets than permitted under this rule.

    5.1.5. Certain breeds of dogs, including, but not limited to,

    · Akitas · Doberman Pinchers · Rottweilers
    · Bulldogs (any breed) · German Sheperds · Staffordshire Terriers
    · Chows · Pit Bulls · Wolf breeds

    and any other dog breeds that are notorious for vicious behavior are not permitted in the Community due to their size and/or aggressive natures.

    5.1.6. See Community Management regarding service animals.

    5.2. Collars & Inoculations

    5.2.1. Pets must be inoculated and registered in accordance with state and local laws, including the wearing of all required tags and identification.

    5.2.2. Any pet not properly registered must be removed from the Community.

    5.3 Leashes & Clean-up

    5.3.1. Pets must be kept inside the home or, whilst outside, on a leash accompanied and supervised by the Resident at all times. No pet shall be left outside unattended or tied-up. Doghouses or dog-runs are prohibited.

    5.3.2. While the pet is outside, Resident shall be responsible for any clean-up needed including picking up droppings.

    5.3.3. Pets are not permitted at the Clubhouse, swimming pool, common areas, or other Resident’s lots.

    5.4 Removal of Pets

    5.4.1. Residents are responsible for deterring barking, which creates a nuisance for other Residents. If Community Management finds the conduct of a pet to be dangerous or bothersome to other residents, its registration will be terminated and Resident shall be responsible for removing the pet.

    5.4.2. While the pet is outside, Resident shall be responsible for any clean-up needed including picking up droppings.

    5.5 Cancellation of Pet Privileges

    5.5.1. Should pet management become a prolblem in the Community, the Community Owner reserves the right to refuse admission to all further new and/or replacement pets.

  • 6.1.  Guests

    6.1.1.  All persons who are not specifically named in the Rental Agreement are considered as guests. A guest is a person whose stay does not exceed fifteen (15) consecutive days or thirty (30) days total days per calendar year. The home owner may be subject to fees for any person(s) staying longer than these periods, and as such, these person(s) will be required to be approved for residency within the Community.

    6.1.2.  Guests are entirely the responsibility of their resident host, and must comply with all Community Regulations. Guests who are unruly or who create disturbances will be asked to leave. The Community facilities are primarily for the use and enjoyment of the residents. When conditions permit, guests will be allowed to use the Community facilities, however, guests must be accompanied by the resident host at all times.

    6.1.3.  All overnight guests or guests who will be using Community recreational facilities, if any, must be registered by their resident host at the office during normal office hours. Guests arniving on weekends or holidays may be registered during office hours the last day prior to their arrival. Failure to register our guest will subject the guest to immediate removal from the Community. Guests must notify the office upon departure.

    6.2.  Visitors